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"Make NYC Great Again" Twin Towers Special Edition T-Shirt



On September 11, 2001, just after nine in the morning, the day turned to night and our country changed without warning. In our grief we found comfort as our nation came together, united as one people for the last time anyone can remember. Beautiful as it was, deep as the pain, how quickly we turned fears into anger, then desperation, then blame.

In our stupor we started wars in mostly the wrong places. We sacrificed our lives, sons and daughters, only to leave the world in crisis. We left ourselves overwhelmed, and broke, our loyalties divided. We made up new identities to fight over and safe spaces to hide in. While we argued over bathrooms, more -isms, preexisting conditions, the enemy grew stronger and more determined to kill us.

To them, we're all infidels, all equally dead. They teach their children to hate us and to cut off our heads. The more terror they spread, the more Americans they slaughter, the more we turn on each other for not solving the problem.

It was the Republicans! The Democrats! It's their Congress, no their Court! The world is a mess, and it's the other party's fault!

After all these years and so many promises, we're still looking for answers. We're still in a free fall. America is broken, they say, but it won't be broken for long.

You see, we've had enough of the politics, the pandering and the games. We've had enough of the left wing, the right wing, the Clintons, the McCains. We've heard enough from the Obamas, the academics, the UN. We're done with the New York Times, and we're so done with CNN.

We've heard all we can of the lie, how's it go? Either America was never great, or that it's already so?

Oh, but it was! We remember it all so well. That morning in September at just about eight. The sun was rising on two towers and America was great.

Never Forget.