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COVID-19: Ordering from Art of Trump during the shutdown

Art of Trump™ believes in American ingenuity and industry, and our priority is to remain open for business during this unprecedented economic shutdown caused by the Chinese Coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19. Like small businesses all across America, we are working under imposed restrictions, interruptions and delays in our supply chain. Nevertheless, we are taking new orders and shipping your items as quickly as possible!

Our product fulfillment centers are working and filling customer orders, but these facilities are not operating at full capacity. This means our customers will experience delays in shipping.

Current Shipping Delays:
Many items will be shipped from our fulfillment center within 15-20 days. This includes T-Shirts and many of our most popular items. Our fulfillment partner recommends customers allow up to 30 days to receive your items, however we are seeing many orders received more quickly than that.

Thank you for supporting our store during this difficult time! 
We know that the "Invisible Enemy" is impacting life and work for everyone across our country and around the world. This is an uncertain time, not just for business but for families and workers of every kind. As a small, American-owned store, we deeply appreciate your order and your patience as we work around these challenges.

Opening Up America Again!
Like you, we believe it's so important to protect our American way of life, including our economy which was the greatest in history just a few months ago. We know many of our customers are ordering our T-Shirts to wear in support of these values, whether to a protest in Michigan or California, or simply to the grocery store. We are so proud to offer these items and to play even a small role in the movement to Open Up America Again! Together we will overcome this virus and the politicians trying to exploit it for their own agendas. Thank you for standing with us!