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"Cabinet of One," Jesus Talks with President Trump - Canvas Print

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The Lord works in mysterious ways but He always has a plan for His people, and for America. Our great country is a beacon of freedom and hope, and an instrument of Christ's love and truth on this Earth. We are "one nation under God," and our President, Donald J. Trump, works with his blessing to guide the United States in the next chapter of its divine story.

"Cabinet of One" is a stunning image of a private meeting between Jesus Christ and President Trump in the Oval Office. With the tremendous weight of the presidency on Mr. Trump's shoulders, Christ is always there to share the burden and show him the way to peace and love for all God's children.

This piece is an Art of Trump exclusive. It will make a beautiful statement in your home, place of worship, or a touching gift for someone special in your life.

This canvas piece is stretched by hand -- American hands -- and has an elegant matte finish that compliments the painting perfectly.