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A Note About "Made in USA" Products

Posted on February 09 2017

Art of Trump is committed to the use of American-made products. Like President Trump, we believe goods should be manufactured in the USA, and we have our own "America First" company policy -- If a product can be made or sourced from America, then we will use the American manufacuturer or supplier every time.

At Art of Trump, it's "America First," period.


Like many American clothing and apparel businesses, Art of Trump relies heavily on the use of products by American Apparel . These include t-shirts, men's, women's and kids' lines which often serve as the "white label" garments on which our products are printed, embroidered or stitched.

American Apparel  was the only clothing company of this kind that manufactures in the United States.  That is why the use of AA products is so popular, especially with companies like us who insist on selling "Made in USA." This leaves us little choice in suppliers, but fortunately American Apparel products are of high-quality and feature many popular varieties and fabrics, so this was a workable situation.

In 2015, American Apparel  filed for bankruptcy, prompting a company restructure before going bankrupt a second time in November 2016. 

In January 2017, the Canadian apparel maker Gildan Activewear acquired American Apparel at auction for about $88 million. Gildan bought American Apparel’s manufacturing equipment and intellectual property rights, but it chose not to assume the leases of AA’s factories and distribution center in California. The deal also didn’t include American Apparel’s retail stores, which will be closed this year. Gildan produces most of its goods in the Caribbean and Central America.  At the time of this writing, Gildan has not made a decision on the future of American Apparel or its factories in the U.S.

WHat does this mean for us?

Art of Trump believes in the President's "Buy American, hire American" motto. We intend to keep our promise to use top-quality, American-made materials in every product we sell.

Unfortunately, with the momentary interruption at American Apparel, we may not be able to keep that promise in every case. For now, our promise must be that when a "made in the USA" product supply is available,  we will use it -- We promise.

In some cases, you may see some varieties of our products (a color, size, etc.) that is made in CHI-NA while the rest of the line is American-made. This is because an American version was not available at this time. We will always point out foreign goods, just to keep you informed.

What does this mean for prices?

Unfortunately, in some cases, our commitment to selling  "Made in USA" means the price of  supplier goods will be higher, particularly with the loss of American Apparel.  Despite any increases,  please know that your patronage and purchases during this time still help to support a small American business, and it's much appreciated!

We are still  American-made

Even when a Chinese product is the only option available,  Art of Trump products are still  made partially in the United States.

Our products are ALL printed in America. Some are sewn and stitched in America from imported fabric. In fact,

our supply chain includes at least 5 different American small businesses, all that benefit from your support, and all committed to bringing you "Made in USA" products.


We thank you for your support, and for your help to Make America Great Again!